Afro Basaldella "Senza titolo bianco-nero", paper on canvas 1964

Afro Basaldella "Senza titolo bianco-nero", paper on canvas 1964

Afro Basaldella "Senza titolo bianco-nero", mixed media paper on canvas, 1964.

Afro Basaldella is considered an important exponent of Italian Abstract Art, belonging to Scuola Romana with Giorgio De Chirico and Renato Guttuso.

After the experience of Scuola Romana he tried a temporary approach with Neocubism, and in 1950 Afro moved to United States: the different cultural environment and the many artistic movements will remain etched in his memory, to be revised as a result in a personal way. From 1955 he reached approvals and internationally reputation; in his paintings attract especially the sensual qualities: color, rhythm, spatial relations, light effects. 

"I would like that my painting originate a clear allusion of a world driven by passions, and begin to reveal more and more clear profile of an area open to the races, to pains, and human delights. I think to contribute in this way to the idea of ​​a painting where the certainty of pure shape, the feelings of things, the symbols of reality that were ever less , come back to a warm forgotten feeling”.

Dimensions (cm)height: 45,5 length/width: 56,5 ConditionGood ArtistAfro Basaldella Year1964 Mediummixed media paper on canvas

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