Agostino Bonalumi sculpture "Bronzo", bronze, 1969-2007

Agostino Bonalumi sculpture "Bronzo", bronze, 1969-2007

Agostino Bonalumi sculpture "Bronzo", golden bronze, 1969-2007.

Edition of 1/7 pieces.

Bonalumi is considered one of the most main figures of abstract art of XX sec. with the colleagues Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani.

Recognizing the end of the strength of Informal Art, he collaborated with Azimuth magazine which proposed to delete all the previous artistic experience for a new beginning, with the use of monochrome canvases (often completely white), shaped with different techniques in order to create effects of light and shadows that change with the angle of the light source. Particular attention should be paid to the work of perspective shadows opposite to the directions of the normal light sources, creating a disorienting effect: this approach breaks the traditional pictorial standards. In fact,since from the beginning of Art history man has always studied the perspective to create a realistic effect in planar, Bonalumi distorts these rules creating a personal "point of view".

His legacy reaches us until today and his work is one of the most appreciated by collectors of all over the world.

Dimensions (cm)height: 24, width/length: 24, length: 24 Year1969-2007 ConditionGood ArtistAgostino Bonalumi

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